Toby – A dog in the City |Toronto Pet Photography

Toby – A dog in the City |Toronto Pet Photography

So, this is Toby. He’s a downtown dog. He’s the cutest, little Jack Russell Terrier just abounding with energy. He spends most of his days with his girl, Sarah, who he adores fiercely. And, let me tell you, the feeling is mutual.

dog headshot photograph

We wanted to create a custom Posh Pets session that would showcase Toby’s personality, his city, and his relationship with his favourite human.

dog and girl looking at each other

The other requirement was that the final images that would be quite clearly summer-y, with a beautiful blue sky and great sunlight. We rescheduled the session a couple of times before we got the perfect day.

head tilt of a jack russell terrier

Look at that light!

Laughing dog on a rock

Playing on the beach by the water (and in the water) is a past time of Toby’s. We had to get an image of him with his girl by the water. After this, he was in the water…

girl and dog at lake ontarioAnd then there was this image. Often times during the pre-session consultation, a client will reveal that there is one image they really want to have. For Sarah, it was an image of Toby and the CN Tower. There are logistics associated with such a photograph, for a dog is such a small creature and the CN Tower, well…it’s tall. But, we found an angle, a rock and an awesome sunrise to show it all off. Of course, this image got printed big!

dog in front of CN Tower, Toronto

Thanks Toby for all the fun we had that morning. You are a sweetheart. May your years together with Sarah be long and happy!

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Toronto

Having been away for a week of vacation seemed like a long time. So, I walked into the shelter this week to find that there were a few more dogs than usual to photograph. Not only that, but it was freezing outside, so we had to be quick!

There are some beautiful furry faces this week and I am sharing all of their lovely faces here. If you see someone you like, please contact Toronto Animal Services – North directly. There is an off-site adopt-a-thon this weekend, so it would be good to call ahead and see where the particular dog or cat you are interested in will be. That way, there is no disappointment 🙂

I also have posted a few details about each of these adoptables on the Posh Pets’ facebook page. Check that out here.

So, here we go!