Introducing…Posh Pups in the City™ – Toronto Edition!

Introducing…Posh Pups in the City™ – Toronto Edition!

No doubt about it – Posh Pets® Photography loves our home city, Toronto. It’s a great city full of great dogs, cats, and their people. It’s busy and vibrant and boasts an easily identifiable skyline. And, it simply looks spectacular in photographs!

Toronto skyline in Autumn

To celebrate our home city, we’ve been working on a project for some time now – finding a way to incorporate that awesome cityscape into images with YOUR dogs. We’ve been quietly scoping out locations and enlisting the help of many urban pups and their intrepid humans.

This has not always been easy. As you know, the Toronto skyline boasts one of the tallest buildings in the world, the CN Tower. Finding a perspective that will allow me to place a sitting dog who is about 12 inches high, in the same frame as a 1,815.4 ft building can be a challenge. Even large breeds are not really all that big when you place them beside architecture.

These images celebrate that truly quintessential urban pup. You know the one…they embrace the city lifestyle. They know their neighbourhood…Uptown, downtown, the Annex, The Beach, Cabbage Town, Liberty Village…you get the idea. Toronto is their home. Or, they lived here at one point and haven’t forgotten their roots.

If you are looking to create a Posh Pups in the City™ image(s) in your Boutique Session, then you are in the right place. You might have a location in mind, or we can research and explore an awesome spot together. We will create something that you will be happy to display on your wall for years to come! Let’s do this…

PS: If you have an urban feline that loves the outdoors, does well on a leash, we would absolutely love to meet them too. Posh Cats in the City™…why not? Me-ow!

Toronto skyline with 3 dogs
dog family portrait with Toronto skylineDogs portrait with lake ontario and Toronto skylineDog with CN TowerDog at Cherry Beach in front of CN Towerdog on rock in front of Toronto skyline

Toby – A dog in the City |Toronto Pet Photography

Toby – A dog in the City |Toronto Pet Photography

So, this is Toby. He’s a downtown dog. He’s the cutest, little Jack Russell Terrier just abounding with energy. He spends most of his days with his girl, Sarah, who he adores fiercely. And, let me tell you, the feeling is mutual.

dog headshot photograph

We wanted to create a custom Posh Pets session that would showcase Toby’s personality, his city, and his relationship with his favourite human.

dog and girl looking at each other

The other requirement was that the final images that would be quite clearly summer-y, with a beautiful blue sky and great sunlight. We rescheduled the session a couple of times before we got the perfect day.

head tilt of a jack russell terrier

Look at that light!

Laughing dog on a rock

Playing on the beach by the water (and in the water) is a past time of Toby’s. We had to get an image of him with his girl by the water. After this, he was in the water…

girl and dog at lake ontarioAnd then there was this image. Often times during the pre-session consultation, a client will reveal that there is one image they really want to have. For Sarah, it was an image of Toby and the CN Tower. There are logistics associated with such a photograph, for a dog is such a small creature and the CN Tower, well…it’s tall. But, we found an angle, a rock and an awesome sunrise to show it all off. Of course, this image got printed big!

dog in front of CN Tower, Toronto

Thanks Toby for all the fun we had that morning. You are a sweetheart. May your years together with Sarah be long and happy!

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Toronto Pet Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Toronto Pet Photographer

I love my weekly visits to Toronto Animal Services! The kid’s camp is still in full swing so it is nice to see all the adorable furry faces get their fill of walks, play, love and cuddles from eager campers. They also seem to get a good amount of treats and rewards as they learn new tricks and commands. And I have some very willing assistants to help me with handling the dogs as we get gorgeous adoption images of their charges.

All of these furry faces are available for adoption. You can find out their current status by contacting TAS – North directly. I will, of course, feature their little faces on the Posh Pets Facebook page and you can help by sharing their images around…it is amazing how many proud pet parents found their fur-baby via an image that was shared on social media! If that is you, feel free to contact Posh Pets Photography and let us know – it is sooo nice to hear the details of the happy endings!

Thanks to all the fans of this blog for following along!  We’ll see you all next week!


toronto dog  photographer with black labontario dog photographer with GSDcanada havanese dog photographerJRT in Toronto Canada photographybeautiful boxer dog in MississaugaBest GTA Cat PhotographerBest Toronto Dog PhotographerBest Toronto Pet Photographer

Mega Pet Adoption Event – CNE | Toronto Pet Photographer

Mega Pet Adoption Event – CNE | Toronto Pet Photographer

So, this weekend (July 4-6, 2014) is the first Mega Pet Adoption Event in Toronto.  It is being held at the Exhibition Grounds on the waterfront and is a joint effort between Toronto Animal Services, Toronto Humane Society, Toronto Cat Rescue and Pet Smart Charities…all in an effort to get lots and lots of furry faces forever homes! Adoption fees are only $25 for either cats or dogs, plus the license fee if you live in the City of Toronto. By all accounts the event is going very well and we are only at the end of Day 1!

Toronto Mega Pet Adoption Event

Last week, I spent a few hours at Toronto Animal Services – North photographing as many animals as we could. It is so nice if they can have a beautiful adoption photo that showcases their beautiful little mugs and charming personalities. If you or anyone you know ends up welcoming one of these guys or girls into your home, please drop me a line at Posh Pets and say “hi”. I absolutely love to hear happy endings.

If you are thinking of adding a pet into your family, this would be the weekend to come down to the CNE. Don’t believe me? Well, I have news – my husband and I just adopted a new little furry girl into our family! I’ll definitely be sharing more about her shortly  🙂  In the meantime, enjoy these lovely faces…

boxer dog in front of his dog housegrey tabby kitten coming out of her litter boxborder collie sitting beside his dog housetabby kitten posingbrown tabby kitten sitting on scratching posttorte cat sitting in a blue boxlittle bub look-alikeJRT posing in front of his dog houselabrador puppy with awesome earswhite maltese in front of his dog housemini poodle leaning to the sidelabrador dog black lying on the groundsleepy beagle in torontodog sitting by his house smilingorange tabby relaxingpoodle mix dog with his dog housespider man kitten on his cat scratcherpug standing by his dog houseblack poodle mix with his dog house in Torontoshih tzu in Canadagrey tabby cat on fake grasssleepy beagle in Ontarioblack border collie in Torontosmiling running collie in the sundoberman dog standing against brick wall in Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Toronto

Brrrrrr! It was cold out there in Posh Pets‘ land yesterday. Add to that, the ice and snow everywhere and we had a recipe for wiggly butts (human and animal)! But, we had beautiful sunlight from the setting sun which lit up the small area where we photographed all of the available and up-and-coming adoptables this week. What a way to end our last session of 2013!

These beautiful guys and girls are all available from Toronto Animal Services – North Region and would love to meet you. The cat adoption room was hopping with people yesterday (always a good thing!), so we didn’t have an opportunity to photograph any of our precious felines this week. We’ll be back though…

See you all next year!

black labrador dog on snowblack chihuahua on snowblack and tan chihuahuasitting golden retrieverjack russell terrier smiling at cameracollie and shepherd mix sitting on snowblack and white shih tzu standing on snow


Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Exclusive Toronto Pet Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Exclusive Toronto Pet Photographer

Wow! Lots of furry faces to photograph at the shelter this week! We photographed them all yesterday when it was nice and cool, before the heat wave hits today.

They are all available from Toronto Animal Services – North.  Although some may not be quite in the adoption pool yet, feel free to call TAS directly if you would like to meet anyone from these pictures. The furry faces will also be featured on the Posh Pets Photography facebook page throughout the week.

Everyone have fun and stay cool – we’ll see you next week!

black and white kitten reclining on groundgrey and white cat looking at cameragrey and white cat hiding under blanketfat orange tabby sitting in pink bedportrait of a brown tabby cattortie kitten lying on cat treewhite cat peeking out from under blanketboxer puppy with black eye patches and head tiltgerman shepherd mix sitting in amongst greenerylabrador looking into distancesmiling dog looking at camerasmiling golden retrieverwhite husky standingjack russell terrier running towards cameraminature poodle with hair in one eyepekingese dog witting with one foot raisedrottweiler puppy with head tilt

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Toronto

Having been away for a week of vacation seemed like a long time. So, I walked into the shelter this week to find that there were a few more dogs than usual to photograph. Not only that, but it was freezing outside, so we had to be quick!

There are some beautiful furry faces this week and I am sharing all of their lovely faces here. If you see someone you like, please contact Toronto Animal Services – North directly. There is an off-site adopt-a-thon this weekend, so it would be good to call ahead and see where the particular dog or cat you are interested in will be. That way, there is no disappointment 🙂

I also have posted a few details about each of these adoptables on the Posh Pets’ facebook page. Check that out here.

So, here we go!

Project 52 – Smile! | Toronto Dog Photographer

Project 52 – Smile! | Toronto Dog Photographer

So, this week found me driving the length and breadth of Arizona on a little vacation, enjoying the breathtaking Grand Canyon and Sedona. However, for this week’s Project 52 theme, I had to find a doggy that would “smile” for my camera. Fortunately, by the time we reached Lake Havasu City, it was a gorgeous spring day and I found a city full of people walking dogs…mostly in pairs. When I happened upon an off-leash dog park, I met Wally and Tyson, both who were willing to show me their great smiles!

Thanks so much to you both!

Next in the blog circle is Tara Lynn, owner of InBetween the Blinks Photography in Raleigh, NC.  Please click through to see who she made smile this week!

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographers Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographers Toronto

Amid all of the excitement generated by Darwin, the “IKEA Monkey” on Monday, we were able to photograph a “perfect 10”. Five lovely cats and five wonderful dogs…all looking for their forever homes. They are all currently living at Toronto Animal Services (North Region), so please contact them directly if there is a furry face in here that you would like to meet in person. As always, there is also a little about each of them on the Posh Pets Facebook page!


Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services North | Toronto Dog Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services North | Toronto Dog Photographer

When I went in this week into Toronto Animal Services to photograph the adoptables, I was pleasantly surprised! There were absolutely NO kitties to photograph as they had all found their forever homes during this past weekend’s “Fall in Love” promotion. I was assured that there were a number of kittens that would be coming up, but they were presently undergoing their ‘transformation’ in surgery that morning…not an ideal photo opportunity! In any case, it was excellent news first thing in the morning.

So, we quickly moved onto the doggies who needed their model headshots. And what a awesome-threesome we met this week! Please find their images below!

If you are looking for a little more information, take a peak at the Posh Pets’ Facebook page. However, if you would like to make arrangements to meet them in person, please contact Toronto Animal Services (North Region) directly.