Lilly – Living the Good Life… | Markham Pet Photographer

Lilly – Living the Good Life… | Markham Pet Photographer

We at Posh Pets always love an awesome surprise! Last year, I was contacted by Cathy who wanted to purchase a Gift Certificate for her parents as a surprise for a milestone wedding anniversary. We discussed options and settled on a package that would be just perfect for them and the centre of their world, a little 10 year old Bichon Frise named Lilly. I was told that Lilly lives a charmed life indeed. Dad cooks her up gourmet dinners in the kitchen. Her groomer comes to her. She travels with the family wherever they go.

When I arrived at Lilly’s beautiful home, I found out how literal that statement was. Lilly does follow them around the house and is especially attached to her Mom. Wherever Mom is, Lilly is never far behind. Watching. Lest they think of leaving the house without her.

When we planned the session, it was clear that the humans did not want to be in any of the photographs. Yet, Lilly does not like to sit by herself. However, spending the time and working at Lilly’s pace and comfort level, I was able to coax her away from her family for a few seconds in order to get images of her by herself. And, the cutest little head tilt. This image will be framed and hang on the wall for the world to admire. Which I am sure Lilly would think is as it all should be.

Lilly…you gorgeous little thing! Thank you for trusting me enough to photograph you and give your family images to treasure forever. May your days be filled with cuddles and meals fit for a queen. And love from all who know you.


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