All About Pets Show | Toronto Pet Photographer

All About Pets Show | Toronto Pet Photographer

On Saturday, I had the chance to visit the All About Pets Show in Toronto. So many lovely furry faces…everything from pure bred, award-winning studs to rescue dogs, therapy dogs and e And, of course, tons of goodies to purchase for all of them!

This beautiful australian shepherd was a natural poser.

A pretty bichon…

The puppies are always the stars and this little bulldog boy was no exception. I wanted to pick him up and just cuddle him!

I love a cavalier king charles! This is Justin, who at 2.5 years old is already quite the award-winning boy!

Just look at that gorgeous face!

All of this looking cute can be quite tiring. This guy just took a nap in the middle of an aisle…and everyone walked around him. It is good to be a dog!

A little pekinese who was full of personality!

A trio of collies…!

Of course, there were lots of kitties, but most were in their pens waiting to be judged. This little ragdoll was absolutely gorgeous and very content to meet all of the people who came by.

Last, but certainly not least, there were a few little pigs. They can be trained like dogs to be housebroken, walk on a leash and are affectionate and loyal pets.