Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Ontario, Canada

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Ontario, Canada

This week had quite a variety – 4 dogs, 2 cats, a hamster, a rabbit and a bird! They are all available from Toronto Animal Services (North), so contact them to arrange a meet-and-greet. There is more information on the TAS website as well as the Posh Pets’ Facebook page…so please have a look!

First up was the hamster! Cookie Dough is obviously quite tame and enjoys human interaction.

Then I met the appropriately named Birdie, a little budgie.

Then there was Ginny, a beautiful brown tabby cat.

Pepsi is one curious kitty cat, and loves to climb all over you to get to the treats!

Whitley is great, even though he is in need of a haircut. His eyes practically disappear!

Thoughtful little Plato is here contemplating the secret to happiness in life. And he thinks it probably has to do with having a home of one’s own.

Dorrie is a sweetheart! She is a little timid and shy when you meet her, but warms up within 20 minutes. She plays “fetch” with her balls and hoards her toys in her bed. She needs someone worth of the loyalty and devotion she has to give!

And here is Jingles, looking magnificent against his royal blue background!

Last, but not least is Monroe, the Westie on high-octane gas. This guy likes to go, go, go! During his photo session, there was no getting him to sit for a picture, so we simply let him loose and had him run straight at me!