Finn & Kona – A Gorgeous Autumn Senior Session | Southern Ontario Dog Photographer

Finn & Kona – A Gorgeous Autumn Senior Session | Southern Ontario Dog Photographer

We at Posh Pets love senior pets! There is something about the senior furry faces amongst us that is so endearing. It’s the maturity and calmness that comes from having seen it all before that allows them to slow down and enjoy the moment. The loyalty, trust and love they have for their human family and the fondness they have for routine. Somehow, they have made peace with the world and are happy with their place in it.

On a gorgeous fall afternoon last year (I am a little behind on blogging client sessions!), I had the privilege of travelling to Picton, Ontario to photograph two beautiful ladies. It was the halfway point between Toronto and their home in Ottawa. I am somewhat ashamed to say that I have lived in Southern Ontario almost all of my life and driven the highway to Quebec more times than I can remember, but I have never gotten off the highway and explored Prince Edward County. It is absolutely stunning and I will definitely be going back!

Amidst all of that beauty, I met Kona and Finn who are 11 and 13 years old respectively. Age is never kind to people or dogs, and their mom had warned me of the challenges that lie ahead.  Kona has a bit of an obsession over shadows and reflections…anything that flickers can hold her attention for long periods of time and it can be difficult to break it. Finn is almost deaf and has a combination of a heart murmur and weak legs which meant we needed to take our time and go at her pace. Truthfully, their mom was worried we would have a hard time getting any sort of decent images.

As is often the case with pets, they prove us wrong – Kona and Finn were amazing. We were out on the water for some of the session, and while the afternoon sun hitting the water caught Kona’s attention a couple of times, it was nothing we couldn’t manage. And Finn was a trooper, showing off her best smile for the world to see. Come see some of the beautiful images that now grace their home…

We started on the dock and you Kona’s personality shone through – she is such a ham! I think she is actually smirking at me in this image.


Finn took her professional portrait session very seriously, showing me how gorgeous she is.


Nothing quite like feeling the sun on your face, eh Finn?

dog smiling in the sun

Then it was Kona’s turn for a professional portrait…with a little lean just to make it more ‘her’.

dog leaning on dock

They have a beautiful relationship with each other. At this age, you have to cherish the moment and take in the beauty of the world around you.

two dogs peering out at lake

The splendour of Fall!

husky and pointer sitting in leavestwo senior dogs in fall leaves in southern ontario

Finn showed us her best smile…

smiling husky dog

…while Kona decided to mix it up and make sure I got a full show of her best howl.

pointer dog howling in leaves

And, finally, this beautiful black and white art piece of Kona showing the world that THIS is how you run.

black and white image of running pointer dog

One final note – I have a lot of clients who want images when Southern Ontario bursts into full colour, usually during a small window of time in late September and October.  As a result, those Sessions dates are popular and are booked quickly. If you are thinking of a Fall Portrait Session for your furry faces, now is the time to contact Posh Pets and reserve your date. I look forward to meeting you all!

Project 52 – Fall | Toronto Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Fall | Toronto Pet Photographer

We returned from Italy last week to my favourite time of year. In case you haven’t noticed, Autumn is clearly upon us here in Southern Ontario and this season’s leaves have been spectacular! Especially, if you can photograph doggies in them. So, I was very excited to learn that our Project 52 theme for this week was “Fall/Autumn”.

What a gorgeous day it was on Sunday when I got to spend time with the beautiful Kona. She had such fun showing me all of her favourite places at the cottage…

pointer running through forest in fall time

She also treated us to her best imitation of a wolf howl (in response to my withholding the treats). Fall is just such a beautiful time of year…I can honestly say that it is my favourite season!

german shorthaired pointer howling in leaves

Next in our blog circle is Princeton New Jersey dog photography, Barking Lab Studio. Please travel around the circle and see what Fall looks like in New Jersey!