Go Green: Eco-Friendly Ways to Enrich Your Pet’s Environment

Go Green: Eco-Friendly Ways to Enrich Your Pet’s Environment

Did you know that dogs, cats, and other pets can get bored just like we do? And just like us, keeping our pet’s minds and bodies active is important for their health. Left unchecked, it can lead to stress and unwanted behaviours.

So, what to do? Adding stimulation into your pet’s life does not have to be time-consuming, overwhelming, or expensive. Check out these easy and eco-friendly pet-parent projects you can try this spring. April is the home of Earth Day after all!

woman running with dog in the GTA

1. Build a cardboard box maze.

So if you have ever had a cat, you will know that they have a real love of boxes. A couple of boxes might be all your pet needs for enrichment – it encourages exploration, exercise and entertainment. During the pandemic when Toronto was in lockdown, we built a box ‘maze’ for our 2 kitties. We simply added to it each time we had a delivery (which was how we were getting most things then) and it ended up being about 3 boxes high and 10 boxes per ‘floor’. Simply cut out holes (make sure they are big enough!) so that they can move from ‘room’ to ‘room’. Hide treats for an extra reward.

Dogs often like playing in cardboard boxes too! Just make sure that the boxes are big enough.

Pro tip: Our dogs and cats do not care if the aesthetic is off…this maze does not have to be a beautiful work of art. (notice I haven’t posted a photo here of ours…ha! ) The important thing is to ensure that it is safe and that your pets are supervised.

2. DYI Treat Game

Where do all those little paper towel and toilet paper rolls go when you are done? If you are trying to care for the planet, you probably put them in the recycle bin as a first step.

But now you can get your pet involved in your green life and give them a reward at the same time. Turn those discarded toilet paper rolls into a little DYI treat game. This is great for dogs and cats that like to hunt and work for their treats.

Pro tip: Supervise play, especially for pets that enjoy eating cardboard.

3. Go for a walk or run.

Ok, not every cat is going to be into this one, but using your feet is a wonderful way to enrich your dog’s life while helping to de-stress you both. Add in running an errand that you would otherwise use a car for, and you both are doing your part to save the planet.

Pro tip: If you are considering running with your dog, ensure that you assess both of your fitness levels. Just as we cannot go from couch to a marathon in one session, careful training plans and endurance building is the key to keeping both of you injury free.

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