A Session With a Little Trio of Dogs in Downtown Toronto.

A Session With a Little Trio of Dogs in Downtown Toronto.

I love it when clients bring their ‘packs’ to Posh Pets® Photography and I get to photograph multiples. I love hearing the stories, watching them interact and then the challenge of getting them all in one frame. This trio of little girls were no different. Please meet Stella, the 4-year old dachshund, Maggie the 9-year old white pug, and, Penny, the oldest at 13-years old!


It’s always my goal to give each and every one a truly customized experience. One way I do that is by the pre-session consultation and it is important whether you have 1 pet or ten. In this case, Johanna knew that, given Penny’s age, their little ‘pack’ will not be together forever. Penny now suffers from arthritis, so she is not as athletic as the others and we needed to be considerate of her limitations. Stella, on the other hand, loves to run and she wanted to capture her in action. She also very much wanted a portrait of them together. They made us work for it, but we got the three of them together (see above)! As well as the two pug sisters, alone.

two pugs on a porch

I also discuss with every client whether they want to be in the images. Sometimes people are a little hesitant – “I don’t like myself in pictures…” – they say. Of course, I cannot force you to be in any of the photographs, but I do encourage everyone to come dressed so that they have the option of jumping in if the opportunity presents itself. There are two reasons for this: (1) You are an essential part of the relationship you have with your pet. You love them, provide for them and protect them. The session would be so vastly different if you were not physically there because of how your pets would behave. When all is said and done, you should have something tangible that celebrates that relationship. (2) You should exist in photographs. We are now in a generation that probably has more photos of the meals they eat, than they do of themselves. That’s ridiculous. You should have one lovely, amazing, wonderful image of yourself and your pets.

But, to show you that it does not have to be your traditional image, here is one of the portraits Johanna chose to speak to the beauty of their relationship. Penny, with her curled pug tail, Stella kicking up the dust, and Maggie walking beside them. All on ‘their’ beach, in the golden glow of a Toronto sunset with the skyline peaking out behind.

posh pups in the city

When Johanna saw the proofs, she said it was so them. Her, carrying Penny who was by this point too tired to walk. The other two in tow. It’s real because this is the essence of their walks together. Today.

sunset walk with dogs in Toronto

We spent some time creating individual portraits of her 3 girls…by this point, they had picked up on the idea that treats were readily available if they could model for the tiniest fraction of a second. It seemed to be a fair trade.

dachshund dog portrait

pug portrait photograph

southern ontario pug portrait photographer

And, of course, that ‘action’ shot of Stella. Doing her doxie thing.

dachshund running on beach in Toronto

Finally, the day to deliver the final art work had arrived! When Johanna received her folio box, she took them out one by one and and just held them, soaking it in. “You know these are gorgeous, right? Nothing like seeing them printed,” she whispered. “Yes”, I replied, “It’s the very reason why I insist up on it. There’s nothing like seeing and holding finished portraits. Portraits of your family.”

By now, the wall art is hung and in place I’ve seen pictures and it looks great! I also hear that a reveal party of the artwork may be in the future…can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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Where it all begins

  • Pre-session Design Consult that ensures we create images you will be thrilled with.
  • The result is gorgeous custom artwork showcasing the life your pet shares with your family.
  • A personal Ordering Consultation to ensure you select the right images from the gallery.
  • Please note: The Creative Fee covers time and talent to photograph a maximum of four (4) subjects, which can be any combination of people and up to two (2) pets who live within the same household. Additional subjects may be photographed for a small additional fee.
  • Examples of portraits from Posh Pets Boutique™ Sessions can be found here.