Dogs, dogs and more dogs…cartoon drawing in Brampton | Ontario Pet Photographer

Dogs, dogs and more dogs…cartoon drawing in Brampton | Ontario Pet Photographer

Today, I am really excited to feature something that is a little different for the Posh Pets blog – crazy cartoons! Let me explain…

Daniela Easter is an award winning artist and personal friend of mine. Apart from her private commissions, she founded and, for the past 8 years has run, Progressive Art for Progressive Kids in Brampton. This is an art school that helps young people develop their skills and exposes them to the various mediums and forms of art. For the past few weeks, her students, ages 8-12, have been learning how to cartoon!

Daniela approached me to see if I could lend a hand by providing some images of animals, which of course, I was only too happy to do. The students were encouraged to analyze the image and determine the dog’s personality. They could then determine how to draw him in such a way that their cartoon would come to life. And, here are the awesome results:

The original image:

And the cartoon renditions!  This one is by Kaitlin:

And this one is by Hemel:

Another original image:

And some awesome cartoon versions of this guy too. (I think he became the antagonist of the story…look at those teeth!)

From Sesa:

And from Nicole:

The students loved the original photos (apparently there were lots of “awwws”) and had a ball turning them into their own creations. I hear that in the next week or so, they will be tackling the kitty photos I sent and I will certainly feature those in a future blog post as well.

Impressed? Well, if you have a young artist who would want to participate, Daniela conducts various classes in Brampton. These include 6 week curriculums and intensives for the March and Summer school breaks. Find all of the details here.