Project 52 – Accoutrements | Toronto Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Accoutrements | Toronto Pet Photographer

Accoutrements is the french word for “accessory”.  So, this week’s theme was designed to celebrate the little things that make our animals happy.  The last report I read said that Americans spend a staggering $41 billion on their pets annually.  Proportionately, I have no doubt that Canadians spend about the same.  Obviously, there is a lot of food and vet visits in that number, but I am sure that there are lots of toys and treats and designer coats as well.

Our two cats are no different.  They too have their toys and so for this week’s image, Posh Pets photographed their favourite toys.

First up, we have the catnip mice.  These truly have some kind of power over our felines.  The orange tabby, Ripley, will roll all over the floor clutching his mouse tightly to his face.  It is one of the few times he loses his dignity and with happy abandon shows his belly to the world by lying on his back.  My grey tabby, Lady Jane, takes another route.  She also clutches her mouse tightly, but is content to simply sit there and lick it.  And lick it.  AND lick it.  It is like she thinks it is some kind of popsicle, when in reality it is just a big goobbery mess by the time she is done with it.

The second items are the ubiquitous foam balls.  We buy them in different colours which is probably of little importance to the cats, but it makes the humans feel good.

You can tell that Ripley in particular is quite attached to his toys.  I initially took them out quietly to photograph them.  I probably got one or two shots before Ripley came and to make sure that I was not doing anything untoward with his possessions.  The result is that those are his feet and face in my images.

Well, that is it for this week!  Next up, please check out fellow Canadian, Holly Montgomery of Mutt Shots Photography.  We cannot wait to see what she found this week!