Treats For My Sweet | What We Use During Pet Photography Sessions

Treats For My Sweet | What We Use During Pet Photography Sessions

It’s been a tough couple of years, but if there is an upside, it has been all of the extra time with our pets. They have seen us through thick and thin and, here in Toronto multiple rounds of lockdowns, so is it no wonder that we feel like spoiling them a bit? I know that here in the Posh Pets® Photography house, we are definitely making time for play and treatos.

Talking about treats, let’s face it: we all like treats – why would your dog or cat be any different? So, if you are in the mood to try something new (it is January, after all), check out the list below to find the tasty treats that we actually use during our photography sessions. I have a broad range of sizes and tastebuds in my discerning furry clientele, so these are all double and triple-tested in the field! The added bonus is that we try hard to support local, Canadian options, so we’ve included links and a few discount codes for you!

dog getting treat from mom

1. Crunchy

These beloved traditional “biscuits” are hard and crunchable (cronch is good!), and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Because they have a low moisture content, they don’t require seal-tight packaging and are a favorite of businesses who like to give their customer’s canine sidekicks a little something special at checkout. 

♥ What we use: Northern Biscuit from Concord, Ontario.  These biscuits are loved by everyone and they have the best names! (To receive 20% off your order, use POSHPETS20 at checkout. Valid until February 10, 2022.)

2. Soft + Chewy

These treats come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and flavors and are sniffably good! Because they are so attractive to canine noses and taste buds and can be easily broken into smaller bits, they are great as training rewards.

♥ What we use: Farm Fresh Pet Foods from Edmonton, Alberta.

3. Baked

Just like it sounds, these treats have that homemade vibe because they are baked in ovens. Single-ingredient, healthy options abound and they can often be broken up into smaller portions and used for training.

♥ What we use: Healthybud from Montreal, Quebec. (To receive 10% off your order, use POSHPETS10 at checkout.)

4. Freeze-Dried

Treats that are a raw food that has had its moisture removed through a freezing and drying process that sometimes includes pasteurization to decrease bacteria.  These intriguing morsels can be fed out of the bag or plumped up by adding water.

♥ What we use: Benny Bully’s from Mississauga, Ontario

5. Cat Treats

As you know, I photograph a fair number of cats and need some good options to keep the feline attention. We also have a picky cat at home – Panda has consistently turned her nose up at anything labelled a ‘cat treat’ and I have history of donating or throwing away bags and bags of treats. However, there is one that she will come running for. So, if you are looking for a cat treat, that might be one to try.

♥ What we use: Feline Greenies™ Dental Treats   The Roast Chicken and Tuna flavours are a favourite. Greenies are manufactured in the United States and imported by Mars Petcare Canada located in Bolton, Ontario.

Remember, treats are yummy but high in calories, too. You don’t want a pudgy pup or chubby cat! Choose treats that are appropriate to the size of your pet, and keep them to less than 10% of their diet. Use treats as a reward for good behavior, and both you and your sidekick will keep moving toward the best life ever.