Here come the cats…! | Toronto Pet Photographer

Here come the cats…! | Toronto Pet Photographer

I am very excited to write Part Two of the crazy cartoon spotlight as this time we are featuring the felines! If you want to see the Part One about the doggies on the Posh Pets blog, please check out this link.

A bit of background…my friend and fellow creative, Daniela Easter, teaches students how to cartoon. It really does sound like a lot of fun! In February, Daniela had asked me for some of my kitty images so that her students would be able to have a base to work off of. I wish I had a group of student drawings to showcase, but unfortunately, it was graduation day and there was no time to scan the artwork before the students took them home. Sigh. But, I thought you might find it cool to see what the teacher is able to produce. So, here is Daniela’s work.

Here is the original image:

And Daniela’s cartoon:

Another original image:

And the cartoon version:

Again, if you have a young artist who would want to participate, Daniela conducts various classes in Brampton. These include 6 week curriculums and intensives for the March and Summer school breaks. Find all of the details about the art school – Progressive Art for Progressive Kids – here.