Dogs and Cats of the World – Bulgaria | Dog Photographer

Dogs and Cats of the World – Bulgaria | Dog Photographer

If you have been wondering why things have been a little quiet around Posh Pets lately, it is because I have been travelling in Eastern Europe! Bulgaria, to be exact. Now, it might seem a little off the beaten path, but the country is surprising accessible by major airlines. It also boasts membership in the European Union, but has not adopted the Euro, so travel is fairly safe, easy and inexpensive.

Our first stop was in the south, almost at the Greek border. We took a drive up to Kovachevitsa in the Pirin Mountains which was a breathtaking route.
Pirin mountains and valley

The tiny village of Kovachevitsa is a place where time seems to have stood still. So much so, that I am told that the village is used as a backdrop for movies when they need a authentic balkan experience.

old abandoned truck in Bulgariatraditional bulgarian house

Tons of tiny streets and alleyways to explore…

stone alley way in Bulgaria

But, you know my first love are the animals and I had the pleasure of meeting lots! Almost immediately, this sweetheart greeted us.

soft gaze of homeless dog

And not far off was this little one, peeking at me from under a car.

cat peeking out from under a car

This beautiful boy commanded my attention! He thought I was quite a curiosity with my camera and strange noises. And when he had figured me out, he walked off gracefully…

wolfhound in rustic village, bulgaria

A friendly little kitty followed us around while we explored the winding paths and ‘streets’ of the village.

cat walking on cobblestone road

However, this beautiful, BIG boy was the most outgoing of them all. He really was quite large – he easily matched me in weight and size. And he was a ‘leaner’ too. If you reached down to pat him, he nearly pushed you over with his big furry self. Just wanted to lovins’.

beautiful black and white lab dogwide angle shot of black and white dog

This is ‘his’ tavern (the translation of the word MEXAHA) and I could believe it when he was willing to pose beside the

Sometimes, though, you have to look down and see the wee ones of the world. This tiny snail actually lifted his head and struck a pose for my camera – I guess he thought this was his moment of fame!

snail on stone wall

There’s much more to show and tell from our trip! I’ll keep sharing as I manage to process some of the photographs (I’m writing this post from an airport right now), so stay tuned…

Project 52 – Love | Pet Photography in Toronto

Project 52 – Love | Pet Photography in Toronto

As Posh Pets continues with Project 52, I am posting an image for this week that I think captures the simple theme of “love”.  For nothing is stronger than a mother’s love, be it human or animal.

We happened upon this mama cat and her baby during one of our travels in the country of Bulgaria, more specifically the ancient city of Plovdiv.  The “old city” is beautifully restored and has an abundance of little shops, lining winding streets, in which you could happily get “lost” for hours.  We had decided to enter a local craft shop to see what we could buy when we came across this scene.  Technically, the cat was a stray.  This we learned from striking up a conversation with the lovely shop keeper.  She explained that mama had appeared one day and the she had kindly given her some food.  Seeing as the cat continued to come around, she eventually provided a basket for her to make a bed in.  And then she had had her kittens.  She had never left, preferring to carefully watch over her little ones, hugging this one as he napped (he opened his beautiful blue eyes for us when I took the photo).

As far as we know, to this day neither mama or her babies have names.  They are most likely still living outdoors on the streets with only the kindness of one woman to rely upon.  However, it was inspiring that, in spite of her circumstances, mama cat had not turned into an angry, fearful animal.  Rather she had maintained her trusting nature and allowed us to approach her.  She had remained true to her nature – a domestic cat.  It made me think that maybe that that sums up the power of love.  To be able, in the face of unfavourable conditions, focus positively on someone else important in your life.  And to allow that relationship to prevent you from losing your humanity.


Now, it is time to travel around the world.  Please check out Karla Ogilvie’s blog and see her interpretation of love!