Bone & Biscuit Customer Appreciation 2022

Bone & Biscuit Customer Appreciation 2022

Four years! Four years of gorgeous pups to photograph during the Customer Appreciation Event for Vaughn’s Bone & Biscuit Location

Photo booth for dogs!

We made it a little more celebratory this year with an overlay on the final photos. And lots of pups came out to celebrate!

Whenever I do an on-location photo booth with dogs, there are always a few surprises. This year we got a dog that wore spectacles, 2 that wore crowns and lots and lots of dogs that love their moms and dads so much that they were willing to give us their best smiles!

Want to see the full gallery from the dog photo booth?

We had so much fun and are looking forward to next year! To see everyone’s gorgeous smiles, click through the gallery below:

Thanks so much for all of the fun – hope to see you all again next year! And in the meantime, I love following you all on Instagram.

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