Project 52 – Pets & People – Dog Photography in Europe

Project 52 – Pets & People – Dog Photography in Europe

Another Friday, another Project 52 post…but this time it is brought to you from Rotterdam, Holland! The Posh Pets’ challenge for this week was to incorporate a person (or part of a person) in our image. As we are currently travelling, I was on the lookout for new canines and their humans to photograph. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of dogs in Rotterdam – at least not out on the street taking walks – and so I had almost despaired of finding the proper subject. However, just as we were about to enter our hotel at the end of the day, I noticed a young woman with her very cute puppy frolicking in the grass.

We learned that the puppy’s name is Diesel and she is a 9 week year old English Cocker Spaniel. She was currently outside in an attempt to “tire her out” as she needed to go to work with her human and could not possibly be as active as she currently was. Even though she is only 9 weeks old, Diesel has quite obviously bonded with her human and, while she loved the attention and belly rubs, she quickly returned to where her person was standing and peeked out over the grass at me…

A reassuring pat on the back yielded this image…

Which led to this gorgeous portrait!

Thank you so much for letting me photograph little Diesel…may your lives together be full of fun, laughter and belly rubs. And some occasional naps. 🙂

Next in the blog circle is NSC Pet Photography, The Windsor-Essex Furtographer. Please check out Nicole’s work and then follow the circle around until you end up back with Diesel. And feel free to leave comments – we all love it so! Happy Friday!