It’s been a wee bit busy here at Posh Pets, but I have finally had a chance to gather up the rest of the images from the SwissRidge Doodle Romp held on Saturday, August 23, 2014. This is Part II, but if you missed Part I, you can find that here.

A gathering of lots of doodles is quite possibly the best dream a pet photographer can have. I loved meeting all of the beautiful furry faces and getting to know their individual personalities. So, to start with, here is a quiet beauty that I missed posting last time. Such an adorable face!

beautiful mini golden doodle

There were tons of activities for humans and dogs at the Doodle Romp. One of these was a fenced in leash-free area. Talk about unbridled joy as dogs became acquainted with each other and then did what they do best – PLAY!

First you have to learn to figure out which way your friend is going to deke… (hint: the little ones are usually faster!)


Then begins the chase…

playing dogs on grassAnd then the wrestling and playing.

3 doodle dogs playing

It’s fun when you know that you are out in front. I believe this is Bentley, who can hardly conceal his happiness!

running dog

Told you Bentley is one happy dog!

dog running towards camera

Little George was having a grand old time, and held his own although one of the smallest there!

mini doodle running in grass

I’d say everyone had a really good time (even if they needed a bath at the end!).

tired dog running with tongue hanging out.

Please let me know if you know the names of all of these lovely guys and girls – I’d love to update the post.

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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