I remember the day I first tried wine – I thought it was pretty horrible.  I did not understand how people could wax poetic about how great a particular wine was or that they would be willing to lay down hundreds of dollars for a sought-after bottle.  However, as my palate developed, I discovered something.  It isn’t that I did not like wine – I did not like cheap wine.  Given the price of my first glass, in truth, it probably was pretty horrible.

My 50mm lens is like a fine wine.  When I started in photography, I did what a lot of new photographers do – I purchased a zoom with the biggest range I could find.  Afterall, all those numbers on the side of the barrel seemed to be the most bang for my buck.  However, as my style developed, I came to appreciate the value of a “prime” (fixed) lens.  That, and lovely large apertures.  Which, as I quickly discovered, are never cheap.  Eventually, that brought me to the day that I stood in a local camera store, handed over my credit card, and purchased my very own 50mm 1.2 Canon lens.

So, this week, please enjoy…A Girl + A Sleeping Kitty + A 50mm lens.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please take a moment now to follow the blog ring around and see what other 50mm lens images are posted.  You can start with Texan resident Judy Babinski of Dog Biscuit Photos by clicking here.

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