How quickly the weeks fly by!  For our Project 52 theme this week, we were asked to capture our pets “strange behaviour”.  Generally, this is the stuff that makes them our pet’s uniquely them and why we love them so much.  That is why I knew exactly what I had to capture.

Our wonderful girl kitty, Lady Jane, has a real penchant for sleeping in the middle of the floor with her back legs straight up in the air.  So not a lady!  From behind, she kind of looks like she has been shot and rigamortis has set in.  I know, a little morbid, but it make me laugh every time I see her.  The added strangeness is that she makes sure that she is right in the middle of the of the floor where there will be the most foot traffic.  I guess she absolutely trusts us not to step on her!

So, here she is, in all of her glory…


And because I woke her up when I took these images, you get to see the front end too!  Lady Jane really has the cutest face.  (In the background of this image is our boy Ripley, who cannot understand why anyone would sleep in such a fashion – so unbecoming for a feline.)


This week, Posh Pets is linked to Dana Cubbage Photography.  Please check out her images here as I am sure she has something wonderful to show of her fur-babies!  And then follow the blog circle all the way around – we have some new members this week.

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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