This week’s challenge was to keep the words to a minimum and tell a story through an image(s). Photojournalists have mastered the art of letting an image speak for itself, and there exist iconic images that changed the course of world events. Now, I don’t think for one moment that that is the level of storytelling presented here, but I think you will enjoy this funny little series nonetheless.

The Wolf Within Sleeps (The Cost of Domestication)

I am Dog. Master of my own domain. At one with the Great Outdoors.

Though once my fun is done, I like nothing better than to be warm and dry inside.

But, do not fear! I am not conquered! I have learned the power of “puppy dog eyes”. How it makes humans bend to my will.



The next in the blog roll is Tiffany Haulton of Haulton Photography. Please check out what story she has to tell this week! And then click all around the blog roll until you wind up back here. You won’t be disappointed!



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