Here is Posh Pets’ first edition of Project 52 for 2013, named Seasonal Fun!

Depending on where you live, you are in the throws of Winter or Summer. Or, maybe you enjoy something more temperate all year round. But, for those of us who enjoy seasons, I find that each one has its own, unique beauty. In Toronto, we have finally received a respectable amount of snow and I was determined to get out there and photograph it for this week’s theme!

While Posh Pets‘ has its wonderful private and commercial clients, I like to “give back” by volunteering to photograph adoptable dogs and cats at the local shelter each week. This is a work that I enjoy immensely!  When it comes to the dogs at the shelter, I photograph them almost exclusively outside, no matter the weather! This is because, not only is natural light beautiful, but it gives the dogs an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and feel the snow or grass between their paws. Those few minutes of attention, treats and the great outdoors often translate into moments of unbridled joy. And, there is always one dog who seems to love it more than any other.

This week, that dog was Rocky. He is a lovely 6 year old german shepherd who is available for adoption from Toronto Animal Services – North. The pent up energy created in the shelter environment means that walking him initially can be a bit of a challenge. He likes to pull a bit in anticipation of getting somewhere awesome. But, after a few minutes of exercise and love, he is a different dog – our return walk to the shelter had Rocky walking beautifully like a proper gentleman. If you are looking for a loyal companion, then please consider an older boy like Rocky – there are many ‘Rockies’ just waiting in shelters around the country, the continent and the world.

But, for now, please enjoy Rocky’s ‘mini-session’ highlighting all of fun of winter!

Here is Rocky when we first made it outside. At the sight of the snow, Rocky began to rub and roll in the snow in sheer delight! This was such a joy to watch!

Then, the running began. Dogs love to feel the wind in their fur and I love the look of the snow flying behind him and the look of happiness on Rocky’s face!

A little tired from his romp, Rocky stopped to listen and enjoy the world around him. Isn’t he gorgeous? This boy should be in pictures!

And, after some more rolling in the snow, a graceful portrait. I love his snow-covered muzzle in this one!

And finally, Rocky’s adoption photo which will help him find his forever home!

And there you have it – the beauty of winter through the eyes of a dog! Now, please continue through the blog circle to see what the other photographers in the group came up with. To start with, please check out Melbourne Dog Photographer, Ragamuffin Pet Photography and see what Caitlin has for seasonal fun in Australia!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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