This week’s theme was “Perspective”.  Seeing as we are currently travelling in Europe, finding animals to photograph was a little more of a challenge this week.  But travelling does change your perspective on the world, does it not?

I was able to capture this image of a very small, adorable pup who we found by the side of a country road.  He doesn’t look that tiny in this photo, but if you are looking for a reference point, look at the height of the grasses where he is sitting.  Those are normal blades of grass.  Mama was close by keeping watch to make sure we did not hurt her baby.  That in itself was quite a touching example of a mother’s love.  When we got out of the car, Mama approached our car, obviously very frightened by strangers.  As we went to pat her, she lowered her body and turned away – perhaps strangers have not treated her well in the past – but her fear did not stop her from doing all that she could to ensure that her little one was safe.  So, we talked softly to her, gave her some water and moved slowly to take photos of her puppy.  By this time, the little one had scampered away and was watching us from a safe distance.  How he must have wondered who these strange beings were with what must have looked like a gun pointed at him (my 70-200 lens with a hood on is imposing).  It made us think, what would your perspective of the world be if you were only 8 inches tall?

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