This week’s theme was to convey the thought of motion through photography. This week Posh Pets did something a little different to showcase that we do not just photograph dogs and cats.

Fortunately for me, this week I met Peck. During his “portrait session” Peck definitely spent some time checking me (and his own reflection!) out in his aquarium. I love how this photo turned out! The colours are fantastic – his orange body fairly jumps out against the blue of the water. You can also see the motion of his delicate fins as they moved in the water – soft and billowy. These subtle movements were further amplified in his reflection. To tell you the truth, I think he liked being the centre of attention!

So, now please click through to Steph Skardal and see her take on motion.  You can go all the way around the blog until you end up here with Posh Pets and Peck.

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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