For those of you that went looking for last week’s post, so sorry, but we had to miss a week.  With all of our travelling, the days just went by too quickly to shoot, edit, write and post.  But, Posh Pets is back this week with a new theme – Landscape!

The instructions were:  get outside, let the landscape inspire you, try to positively incorporate the surroundings rather than cut them out, and possibly shoot wider than usual.  Which, truthfully, sounded like a lot of fun.  However, if you live anywhere near Toronto, you will know that this past week featured absolutely horrendous weather.  It was hard to go outside without being rained upon, blown about, hit by hail…never mind trying to do this with animals. So, what could I do?  Well, in order to meet the deadline, I must confess.  I cheated.  Just a little.  But I will come clean – this week’s image was not shot this week.  Rather, it is one the images I took on my vacation about 10 days ago.

You might not find this landscape particularly “inspiring”, but, for me, it tells a story.  I will always remember coming upon this dog with the soulful eyes. Who, after having checked us out, continued down the obviously seldom-travelled road alone. And who, just before she disappeared around the corner, turned back one more time, as if to wish us well on our travels.  That look is this week’s image.  It made me think:  as we travel through life, we will meet new people and have experiences quite “by accident”.  Sometimes this will happen in the least “inspiring” of places.  Do not take these for granted.  And, whether we enjoy them for years, months, weeks, days or for only a few moments, be sure to wish them well before we depart.

For another take on this theme, please check out the wonderful Steph Skardal’s image and blog. Do not forget to click through each link to complete the circle and end up back here.  We will be waiting for you!


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