When you hear of kisses and pets, most people think of lovely, sloppy, doggie kisses. Cats, with their little rough tongues, are not often considered as likely candidates. However, I meet many potential pets as I volunteer each week to take pictures of the adoptables at the local shelter, and it is obvious that each furry face has their own special personality. The odds of me finding a furry someone who likes to kiss increases dramatically every time I step through those doors. Case in point was Carrie, who is pictured here. This little girls is a fantastic kisser…especially if you have treats in your hand.  Just look at that little tongue go!

Unbelievably, this 2 year old affectionate girl is still waiting patiently for her forever home, so please share her image far and wide. She is all packed and ready to go at Toronto Animal Services (ID#621755).

Next in the blog ring is fantastic Winston-Salem Steph Skardal Photography. Please check out who kissed her and the rest of the Beautiful Beasties gang this week!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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