Welcome back to another week of Project 52!  This week’s image was to illustrate the theme, “in the garden”.  At first glance, that might seem quite easy.  And, it is true that there is much room for inspiration in a garden.  However, it is much more difficult if one does not actually have a garden.  But we, at Posh Pets are resourceful and headed off to a park.  Afterall, I reasoned, a park is nothing more than a very large garden that is shared by a lot of people.

So, off we went to High Park in Toronto once again.  What a difference a week makes!  The Sakura Cherry Blossom trees are now fully open and receiving visitors!  And it definitely made a difference that we set off early in the  morning to arrive at the park by 7:30 a.m. and see the sun bathe the trees in the lovely morning light.

Our first greeter was this little guy.  We found him running around, busy doing what squirrels do in the early morning hours.  But then he stopped…and posed for us!  Here is his portrait.

Next up, was a beautiful robin.  We also found him busy hunting around for worms and such.  But he lifted his head to check us out and that was enough time to have his photo taken.

And, finally, this post would not be complete without a glimpse of the real reason we got up early this week – the lovely Sakura Cherry Blossom trees!


Please take a look at the next blog in our circle.  This time it is Stephanie Madeline of Chase & Snap Photography.  Cannot wait to see who she met in the garden.

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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