This week’s challenge was to create a high-key or low-key portrait.  Sometimes, if a pet is not used to a studio portrait session, it can be a blessing.  They have no idea what to expect and so the flashes are met with interest and curiosity.  Not so with my usual model, Ripley.  After enough studio sessions, he knows what those large, black, suspended boxes do and he does not approve of it one bit.  They even have the audacity to “beep” after they fire as if to taunt him.  So, this week I decided to post an image of Ripley from a few weeks ago.  It still makes me laugh for here he is talking.  To the flashes.  They are his nemesis and he is letting them know that the war is on.


Next in line is Blue Amrich from Chelmsford, MA!  I have a feeling she went low-key for her image.  Please check her out and the rest of the other photographers in the blog ring!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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