Shooting “from the hip” is a technique pet photographers will use to capture unique angles. It takes a little practice because you are literally holding your camera at about hip level and firing the shutter without looking through the view finder. What you end up with can be great, hilarious or just plain garbage. It all depends on where your camera ends up focusing. And, because you are doing this “blind”, you do not really know what you have captured until you look at the screen on the back of your camera.

To begin with I tried photographing Lady Jane while she was sitting still. These were literally my first two images, which was pretty awesome. But, she was sitting still, so that made it easier.

The next task was to do this while she was in motion. This makes it incredibly more difficult to do. My favourite image is the one below. It gives a sense of motion, which makes sense because, well…she was moving.

In all, I was pretty pleased with the results. I found that the images are very different with a large dog (I have done that before) because you can tend to get “under” their chin. Seeing as Lady Jane stands about 12 inches tall, I would have had to literally drag my camera along the ground in order to get that perspective.

So, let’s see what everyone else in the blog circle came up with this week!  To begin with, please check out the super talented Natalia & Bill from Photolab and see what fun shots they captured for the theme! And then continue all the way around until you end up back here.  We’ll see you next week!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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