This week it was all about the details.  In other words, the little bits and pieces that together make up our wonderful furry family members.  It was fun to shoot with my macro lens, as getting that close to something seems to set it apart for special attention.  It allows one to capture the amazing beauty of these “feline parts”.   So, without further ado, please take a look at the images Posh Pets captured this week:

First of all, we have two different paws.  Elegant and small, paws are a wonderful thing made up of four little toes.  Flexible and padded, they are just perfect for running, jumping, leaping and pouncing.  Fortunately for us humans, they do not come with opposable thumbs.  Imagine the mischief our kitty family members could get into if they did!



And then we have the feline nose, so cute and small.  Regardless of the colour, it is used to track a wandering mouse, to ascertain exactly who in the neighbourhood was here last, and to hold on high if anything does not meet its possessor’s high standards.  Always working, a nose gives a cat the information it needs.

Last, but not least, are the eyes.  Who has not been the subject of a cat’s stare?  Sometimes intense and direct, sometimes sleepy and lazy, they truly are windows into a cat’s soul.

The next step in our blog circle will now take us to the west coast to beautiful San Francisco, California!  Please check out the blog of talented Cyndi Kuiper of Chickpea Photography Studio to see what details she captured this week.  And please keep going all the way around until you end up back here in Toronto.

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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