Back in November – before the most recent pandemic restrictions in Ontario – I took a walk in the park on a gorgeous late Fall day. There were others who had had the same idea, but there was one huge significant difference between the rest of the people and I. Every single one had a puppy. Not just a dog, but a puppy.

Truth be told, it made me smile. And gave me a chuckle. It seemed that everyone was in some stage of training their new little bundle of fluff with varying level of success. You could hear a lot of sit, stay good boy! or good girl! along with lots of treats being dolled out. Some were trying to walk politely on a leash. And some were just getting belly rubs.

It should not have surprised me. Pet ownership has gone up incredibly in Toronto, the GTA and really, all over the world during this pandemic and multiple lockdowns. But to see it all laid out on the grass in front of me was still a bit of a surprise.

New Puppy Photography Session

Of course, I love it that many would like to document those first few weeks and months when a pup comes into the home. They go by rather quickly and it is one way to hold on to the fleeting moments.

So let me introduce you to Piper, a gorgeous little girl who is bringing her mum such joy as she watches her grow and explore the world. Piper and I went down to one of her favourite spots on the Toronto waterfront to see what kinds of portraits we could create. And right out of the gate, she was a star. Look at her pretty sit and pose – she’s a natural!

corgi puppy at photography session in Toronto

It was Autumn, so we wanted to show off the colours – what was left of them – and a side pose to feature Piper’s girlish figure. 

Side note: I get asked this question a lot, so I’ll answer it here: Piper was on a leash for these photos. Mum was never far off and always held onto the other end of the leash. That’s the beauty of editing and post-production. And this type of retouching of your final portraits is all a part of the service of a professional pet photographer.

beautiful corgi puppy during photography session

When you are a Toronto dog…

…sooner or late you have to get yourself photographed in front of the skyline. So, we searched for the perfect spot where you could clearly see the CN Tower. Piper’s smile says it all!

corgi puppy in front of the Toronto skyline including CN Tower

The timing of a session is also important. We choose the late afternoon to ensure that we would be able to catch the sunset, if we got one. Well, the weather cooperated and we ended up with these 2 gorgeous backgrounds for Piper’s photographs. Look at how the sun lights up her neck fluff on the second one! What a spectacular ending to a wonderful day!

corgi dog poses at sunset
puppy photo session at sunset in Toronto

Thank you Piper for spending a splendid afternoon with me! You are such a cutie and I look foward to seeing all of your adventures on Instagram.

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Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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