So, we’ve started a fun, new project at Posh Pets.  The idea is that a group of pet photographers will come up with a different theme each week and it is our challenge to interpret that theme and post one or two images.  The twist is that each photographer will link to one other photographer’s blog, forming a circle.  That way our readers can take a look at all the different variations on the same theme.

This week our challenge was simply:  Ears!

As any pet owner will tell you, you can tell a lot about the mood of your animal by their ears.  They can be happy ears, scared ears, let’s play ears, oh-boy-am-I-going-to-get-a-treat ears.  In the absence of actual conversation, ears are a form of communication.

So, without any further ado, here is our interpretation of this week’s theme:  Ears!

First up, here is Ripley, our 16 year old.  He is happily basking in the rays of the morning sun.  Quite oblivious to the fact that he is having his portrait taken.  Or, at least, he is not allowing that fact deprive him from the joy of sunshine on his back.

This is Lady Jane and this photo makes me laugh.  Only because it is obvious that my sweet kitty is desperately trying to ignore me.  But her ears give her away – she knows exactly where I am!

So there you go – two sets of ears for a Friday morning.  For another take on this theme, please visit an awesome image by Dallas Photographer, Claire Baxter.  See her work at Studio Fetch

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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