This week brought a whole new group of lovely furry faces to photograph at Toronto Animal Services (North Region). The sun was shining, the sky was blue with great big, fluffy clouds hanging in the sky…and boy, was it hot! So, we quickly took our images before retreating back inside to the welcome air-conditioning.

We also found out that Venus was adopted this week! As the longest resident on our “Adoptables” list (those actually photographed by Posh Pets Photography), it makes us so happy to hear this. However, Venus will still be seen by those who visit the TAS website…that is her cute picture beside the words “pet adoption”. (You can see her here.) Congratulations Venus! We are so happy for you!

If you see a furry face here in this post that you would like to get to know better, please contact TAS-North directly. You can also check out the Posh Pets’ Facebook page for information like their ID numbers, so you can be sure that you are inquiring about the right guy or girl. Thanks so much for taking a look and sharing the pictures!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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